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VINTAGE COMPUTER FESTIVAL MIDWEST 12 September 9-10, 2017, Elk Grove Village, IL

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The twelfth edition of VCF Midwest will take place west of Chicago in Elk Grove Village, IL, in conjunction with Fall Commodore Expo/ECCC. Join us as we once again coax vintage electrons into motion! (Visit ECCC's Facebook page here.)

In addition to exhibitions of eclectic electronica, we will feature speakers, vendors and more! Admission is FREE to all whether you come to show, look, build, talk or sell.

Date and Time: September 9 and 10, 2017. The show will run from 9:00 AM on Saturday on into the night, coming to a temporary close at 12:00 AM and reopening at 9:00 AM Sunday morning. We'll wrap up by 4:00 PM. Early setup will be available Friday evening until around 11pm, after which the venue will be locked until the show opens on Saturday morning.

Location: Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village, 1000 Busse Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Our group code will be established soon. Please wait for the code to be posted to book your room under our special block rate.

Facebook event and Twitter page for VCFMW 12

Google+ Page for VCFMW

Donations: Last year's move to a new location was a resounding success. But with that significant upgrade in space and facilities came additional costs. Therefore we are no longer able to sponsor the show solely ourselves. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help guarantee the success of this year's show and those in the future.

$0 [------*-----------------------------------------------------------] $3000

If you would not like to use PayPal, we have a GoFundMe page that does not require registration. Or email the address below to make other arrangements, such as a cash donation on the day of the show.


Contact silent700 at [google's mail service] for more information. To request a table reservation or to offer a presentation, please use our convenient form.

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Last update: 02/21/2017