VCF Midwest 18 Exhibitor and Vendor List
LGRLGR ThingsAn exhibit of computer hardware and odd projects featured on the LGR YouTube channel. Also offering a selection of merchandise for sale. Case badges, vinyl decals, pins, and even shareware on floppy disks!V01/V02
The 8-Bit GuyCome see the Commander X16 and pick up any remaining copies of Petscii Robots before they are all gone!Table of The 8-Bit Guy. He'll be signing autographs for free, selling games, and showing off the Commander X16V06
Krazy KenComputer ClanMeet Krazy Ken and enjoy a collection of rare and retro computers.V03
Ben HeckThe Ben Heck ExperienceBen Heck brings cool hacks and giveaways to VCFMW 2023V04
Voidstardomesticating the computerMural to the 1970s history of bringing the computer into our homes, finally making the "appliance computer" a reality. Also featuring a special X16 appearance!V05
2TailedFoxA bit of everything from c64 to atari to athlon to p4. Lots of Ram too. A bit of everything from c64 to atari to athlon to p4. Lots of Ram too. A39
Allan DeYongLightscribe, Free Play & SalesFree play on PCs and N64 (up to 4 players!), Lightscribe demos/instruction with free Lightscribe CDs to burn graphics onto. PCs and PowerPC Macs for saleA32/A33
Amiga of RochesterOnsite soldering and repair of vintage computersWe will be offering onsite recapping and vintage computer repair.A20/A21
Danielle - thegirlg33kRetro Japanese ComputingCheck out some software and games from some of the most interesting Japanese computers from the 80s and early 90s. Featuring brand new hardware mods and software coming straight from Japan!A08
Frank Palazzolo and Evan AllenVarious and sundry restorations, and Demon Debugger updateVarious restorations: Northstar Advantage, Exidy Sorcerer with S-100 expansion chassis, and hopefully, a Pizza Time Theatre "Cyberamic Control Center". Also, the latest Demon Debugger project.A16
Ian ScottEmulating ISA bus cards with the Raspberry Pi PicoDemonstrating PicoGUS, an ISA sound card emulator powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico's RP2040 microcontroller, as well as other Pico-powered ISA cards like PicoMEM and PicoPOST.A10
Jonathan HerrElectronic Test Equipment and other things for saleI should have a few pieces of vintage electronic testing and prototyping equipment, possibly for sale.A31
Joshua ConboyOS/2 and You. A Retrospective in what could have beenAll things OS/2. iBM and Microsoft’s ill foster collaboration turned into IBMs last hope for beating Billie G at his game. A41/A42
Ken Van MersbergenColeco ADAM, TI-99 4/A, SegaScope 3D! And items for sale.Displaying the Coleco ADAM, TI-99 4/A and SegaScope 3D!A01/A02/A03
Kevin MoonlightIBM Palm Top PC110Play hands on with the IBM PC110 and many related peripherals. Multiplayer gaming, boot your favorite operating systems, take selfies, compose midi music, place telephone calls, experience 90's mobile networking and client/server software and much more.A40
Kyle TimmermanThe OPL ArchiveThe Yamaha OPL series of sound chips brought FM synthesis to the masses via the AdLib and Sound Blaster cards, and The OPL Archive is dedicated to collecting, documenting, and preserving the music made with these chips in a unified, hardware-playable format (VGM). Learn about FM synthesis and listen to the music the Archive has collected so far.A07
Liam CoyneAtari 16/32 bit and Sony MSX Late EraDisplaying several late era Atari 16/32 bit home computers (Falcon 030, Mega STE, ST) plus Sony MSX and Atari Jaguar.A27/A28
Jeramy BrecklesPCs and 1980s MicrosI will be selling extra DOS/Windows computers, associated parts, and getting the word out one my cloned projects of 1980s micros from the USA and UK.A13
Midwest Classic Videogame Museum40th Anniversaries of the Topo Androbot and Phillips G7200 and G7400, Early Soviet Gaming, Computer and Game Sales.A 40th anniversary display celebration for Topo Androbot with a Topo 1 & 2 and a reproduction Androman and various related paraphernalia. 40th anniversary displays for the Philip's G7200 and G7400 computers. And a walk thru early Soviet gaming systems. As well as some computer and console game and hardware sales/trading.A17/A18/A19
Marvin JohnstonMisc books and hardwareMisc computer books and hardwareA29/A30
Matt 'Tempest' ReichertObscure Computers: The Exidy Sorcerer, Umtech VideoBrain, & Spectravideo SV-328I will be displaying three obscure computers that most people have never had a chance to see in person: The Exidy Sorcerer, Umtech VideoBrain, & Spectravideo SV-328A05
Nephrite.FMNihongo RetroFeaturing early 80s and 90s Japanese PCs, Software, Peripherals and Interesting Manuals and Mangas covering Basic Programming! We plan to feature PC-98 Models Ap2, and other similarly specced machines (some for sale), an 8801 MA, 8001mkII, 6001mkII, a complete Famicom Basic system, and even a US-based TRS-80 Model III.A14/A15
Nik ChavezNK-Tech-Fix Vintage MarketVintage and retro gear from a tech-support lifer who loves to save and share the history.A34
Paul WilgaCommodore / Mac Demos and Retro SalesCommodore REU games, demos, and music. Retro Mac computing using SCSI SD technology. Retro computer and gaming sales.A37
PlayPi GamesBASIC DemosCome see BASIC on display. A09
Russ FierceTelephone & Old PC SalesSelling Western Electric Key Phones & Equipment along with Working IBM Monitors.A11
Scott KTowered Amiga 1200 + Mediator, Desert Bus on Sega CD, garage sale.Towered Amiga 1200 + Mediator setup, play desert bus on Sega CD, random stuff for sale. A23
Skye JanisThe History of FM synthesis in computers, games, and musicA collection of sound hardware and demos utilizing FM synthesis, and information about its relationship with video games, popular music, and home computers.A06
Steve MahoneyLots of Vintage Software and Hardware for SaleA bit of everything. A lot of software, A boxed Leading Edge Model D, Monitor and Keyboard, TRS-80 Model 4P, Tandy 1000, etc etc.A24/A25/A26
Action RetroTotally Normal ComputingA collection of supremely-upgraded Macintosh computers from different eras, spanning 68k to PowerPC.B31
Atari BBS CommunityAtari BBS Community (We're still here!)Atari BBSs still exist in the modern area and are thriving! Join us! Live demos!B13
Avery Grade & Bea ThurmanApple II: Sight & SoundA collaboration of 2 great era’s of Apple ][ sight and sound hardware and software. Be amazed at what the humble Apple could do with just a little bit of hardware and some know-how.B09/B10
COCOMAN.bizDisplay Demos and sales Home of Australian inspired accessories for the Tandy Color Computer , MC-10. Home of the Apple IIgs SCART video cable! B34/B35
Dante BlandoWelcome to NetWinderIn 1999 Corel introduced an ARM-based desktop server running Red Hat Linux. This year I've put an SSD in one -- but will it survive?B29
Darren YoungNABU PC’s, RC-2014’s and other Z80 based funWe’ll have a few NABU machines, option cards, software and accessories to check out as well as some RC2014 kits to see and play on.B20
David Kuder - V2 Retro ComputingV2 Analog - software defined peripherals for the Apple IIDavid has been developing a line of open source software defined peripherals for Apple II computers. Example systems will be on display, with a limited number of cards available for purchase.B04
Evan WrightCross-platform adventure gamesDemonstration of cross-platform adventure games made using LanternB28
GFA Basic (Lonny Pursell)GFA Basic for the Atari STGFA Basic, one of the Atari ST's most popular programming languages! With demos!B14
Gibson GoodrichZap coders Home brew Gameboy gameA brand new game for the GameBoy Color Created by middle school Kids.B26
Intergalactic MicrosystemsThe Victor 9000 ~ A Better PC!Try out a Victor 9000 PC, play some tunes on a Radio Shack Microcomputer Trainer, or get an image put on floppy with our AppleSauce FDCB03
Jim O'KeefeTandy Model 1 and Coco fun stuffWill have a couple of Tandy Model 1's and Coco3B21
joshua steinClassic MacintoshesModern software on classic MacintoshesB32
June Tate-GansNybbles and Bytes RandomnessCome and play with a Nintendo Famicom running Family BASIC, write a game on June's Commodore 128Dcr, have your name punched out on legit paper tape on a Heathkit H11A, or just have fun jeering at June during some live BASIC programming on an IBM PS/2 Model 77!B11/B12
Ken WatersNitrOS9 EOUDisplay the NitrOS9 EOU project on the CoCo 3 as well as other TANDY related goodies.B24
Malcom Ramey TRS-80/Tandy systemsVarious Trs-80/Tandy Systems B30
Mike StrozCrusty's CornerCrusty the Mac SE will be on display, we'll see if he survived the creekB19
Neil's Computer ServiceTandy Color Computer Goodness & Gamester Arcade Joysticks Will be displaying custom made Gamester Arcade Joysticks designed for Tandy CoCo & Tandy 1000 PC's. They will be available for sale along with other Tandy miscellaneous items. B22
Nicolas Mailloux Early 80s LuggablesAltair 8800 Clone with RS-232 typewriter to act as teletype. I'll be running CP/M games and software (maybe a BBS if pots are available). B01
Randy Kindig - Floppy Days and ANTICFloppy Days and ANTIC PodcastsMaterial and information about the Floppy Days and ANTIC Podcasts with Atari and other computer displays.B15
Ron’s Computer VideosRetro Macintosh display and Ron’s Computer Videos informationThis will be a space for me to show off Macintosh, portable hardware relating to my proposed session about collecting PowerBook computers.B02
Scott HardinThe 'Other' 8-Bit Computer Maker: Sinclair ZX SeriesWorking demonstrations of Sinclair computers imported from the UK to include ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Spectrum+, Spectrum 128k and Spectrum QL. Include historical documentation and accessories such as Interface 1, Microdrives and cartridges. B27
sloopy malibuDriveWirelesslyDrivewirelessly for the Tandy Color ComputerB25
SlorAtari for Show, Small Iron for Dough Atari and other 8-bit demos + various hardware for saleB05/B06
Suburban Chicago ATariansS.C.A.T. Atari Users GroupExhibiting Atari 8 bit and ST Home ComputersB07/B08
System Source Computer Museum50 Years of UnixAn exhibition of various flavors of Unix. B16/B17/B18
ByteshiftAmateur Packet Radio and MicrocomputersA demonstration of 1200 baud communication over VHF, just like I used to do it as a teenagerC29
CBMSTUFF.COMCBMSTUFF.COM productsFrom WiFi Modems to replica keycaps, CBMSTUFF.COM has your modern retro needs!C09/C10
Commodore ZVIC-20 ShenanigansOddball VIC-20 variants and other weird Commodore goodies!C02
CommodoremanCommodoreman's Retro CornerCommodore drive power mods and Foenix Retro Systems tech samplingC13/C20
David HaynesCommodore SX-64 and 128D Commodore Classic Computers. Disk Imaging provided.I plan on having a table full of Atari 400/800/800xl/XE and a few Atari ST 520s and ST 1040s for sale. The other table a couple of Commodores on it. A 128D and a SX-64. Also kryoflux/zoom/ for imaging disks if anyone has anything interesting to archive😉C25/C26
DDIDDI ProjectsC64 Custom Cartridges & JAMMA Console ProjectsC15
Ethan DicksAstonishing Amiga AccessoriesOrdinary Amigas with extraordinary upgradesC05
GenericableBehind the ScreensEver wondered what powered The Weather Channel? How about Prevue Guide? We're showcasing a mini cable TV headend that features the Weather Stars that powered the local forecast in your area, the Amiga powered Prevue Guide channel, equipment from the emergency alert system, character generators, and more!C16/C17/C18/C19
jbevrenC64 and C128 timing and analysisA continuation of last year's efforts to find and resolve timing glitches on crappy expansion busesC04
Jeff Daniels (Denial)Vic 20 Quick Reference HandbookThe debut of a new reference guide for the Vic 20. C01
Jessica PetersenCommodores & Other StuffInteractive display of various 8 & 16-bit vintage computersC27/C28
Jesus EricCBMSX64 ULTIMAXThe Ultimate Portable Executive Computer - A 40th Anniversary tribute to the world's first color portable computerC07/C08
Jim HappelJim_64 and friends commodore showcaseMEGA65 running four player games and my BASIC Star Galactica (all BASIC) game, Commodore PET with joystick games, and lots of SX-64s.C11/C12
Keith HenricksonEsoteric Commodore HardwareVarious pieces of Commodore peripherals that, while not rare, were uncommon in the day. Maybe some extra bits and bobs as space permits.C22
Kevin Ottum/Jim PetersNu-Brick Power Supplies /Misc CommodoreNu-Brick Power Supplies /Misc CommodoreC23/C24
Mark GladsonCommodore projects for saleSelling over flow in my collection and some of the projects I have built over the yearsC14
RETRO InnovationsContemporary Gear for Classic SystemsExhibits and Sales for various classic 8 bit machines, including Commodore, Atari, Tandy, and TIC31/C32
Ronald Coon, Jr.Retro computing / Bulletin boards / 8 bit musicRetro computing from the late 70s and 80s. Computer bulletin board (Never Never Land Bbs) and 8-bit music too. Near Jesus Eric!C06
Team ECCCCommodore 8-bits for fun and mild profitThe usual Commodore 64 and nearby peers from the usual aging nerds.C33/C34
The Commodore RoomThe Commodore RoomCool Commodore items for sale and play. C21/C30
Adwater & StirAll of These Computers Are Fake!I love re-creating vintage computers with modern components. It gives me a greater understanding of these computers and is a link to the dawn of the computer revolution. Plus it lets me design and build things, which I really love to do.D23
Anthony BolanSilicon Graphics - Three Gamers, One ComputerCome and play Minecraft and Quake on a three-seat Silicon Graphics Octane computer! Also featuring other uncommon SGI systems and configurations.D26/D27
Aron HoekstraCromemco Z-2D & HDD11Restored Cromemco Z-2D S-100 computer with accompanying 11 MB 8" Hard DriveD04
Chris and Gavin TersteegGotta Collect Them AllRecreating the Ferguson Big Board, DIY Sinclair Spectrum ZX's and Cosmac ELF's, oddball CPM luggables, and all kind of new PCB projects.D31/D32
Chris SimmonsIBM Workstations and TerminalsA few interesting IBM machines, such as working 3290, AT/G, and possibly othersD14
Connor KrukoskySark and Conmega's hacking cornerSark and Conmega's hacking corner, we hack on stuff :)D08
Dave RunkleComputer form the 70's. Elf, Altair, HeathkitA selection of vintage 70's 8-bit home computers including the Heathkit H8, Altair 8800C and the Popular Electronics COSMAC Elf.D13
Forgotten MachinesComputers most of the world has forgotten aboutThe rare, the obscure, the unknown, all about computers that truly are...Forgotten Machines! We investigate, reverse-engineer, and restore computers and systems that almost nobody else knows about. We also do data-recovery on the oldest of magnetic media to preserve old operating systems and software!D35/D36
Jack Rubin and Mike ZahorikPDP-8s and Teletypes and More!Extrememly DECifiedD01/D02
Joe MarlinIt's Just a PCTurning consoles into home micros for no sane reasonD28
John OrwinApollo Computer Domain/OSDemonstration of Apollo workstations running Doman/OSD19/D20
John Sennesael (jns)Nuclear Keyboard & SDF commode chatNuclear Keyboard & SDF commode chat on Honeywell terminal, payphone, random stuffD29/D30
Josh BensadonRCA COSMAC 1802The RCA COSMAC 1802 microprocessor and the COSMAC ELF.D11/D12
Josh M. "NightWolfx03"Retro PC StuffAn assortment of retro pc oddities from my personal collection. May include multi way Pentium Pro shenanigans. And some stuff for sale.D07
Mike KatzAll sorts of interesting electronic stuff.Operating PDP-8 AND PiDP-8D17/D18
Mike MasonIBM AS/400 - SRS BZNSThe world of AS/400D15
Museum Of Batch and Time-sharing Computer HistoryMoBATCH 4UBatch computing for everyoneD09/D10
Nevets01Graphical MiniTektronix storage terminal, driven by some DG-esque gear. Possibly other things.D34
pjusticepjustice and thebug do ???Will provide details when we figure out what we're exhibiting (I know, I know, < 4 months :))D16
Scott SwazeyGT40 lunar lander and the Next Generation RetromodemDemonstration of a working GT40 running lunar lander. Retromodem: A non-destructive WiFi replacement for your external Hayes Smartmodem. Now with simulated audio dialing.D03
Shadytel MidwestShadytel MidWest Telephone COThe midwest arm of Shadytel will be providing telephony services to the rest of the show. Come see the 'CO' and we'll show you the equipment that runs it all. Our display will include a Meridian 1 PBX, a demo step switch, a cisco ISR for T1 switching, and a smattering of telephones and other equipment.D38/D39
Steve MavesEngineering Workstations of the 1990sVarious Workstation Computers and Software from the '90s.D33
Ted N / KC9LKEGIMIX Ghost, OS9, Retro Electronics Projects GIMIX Ghost with OS9 L1 & L2, Using FPGA's with 8 Bits, Retro Electronics ProjectsD21/D22
wastedmemory & Telephone MeetupA collection of phone recordings, pbx equipment, and even some asterisk stuff. Maybe we can find the red box that was made out of toaster parts!D37
WhistlerGaming on Rare and Obscure Workstations and ServersCome play 90s and 2000s games on our selection of obscure hardware.D05/D06
William DonzelliStuff. And things.Stuff. And things.D24/D25
Core64 / Andy GeppertInteractive Core Memory - Core64Weave your own core memory and bring it to life with LEDs and a magnetic stylus! Try out a magnetic airbrush, games, and flux detector. Or hack it to learn and flex your own creativity.F02
Dave's Retro Video LabDave's Retro Video Lab Time MachineDave will demonstrate time travel using several video cameras plus a Panasonic video switcher. Stand on our special time portal and guests will travel back to the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. It's safe for all ages. F04/F05
David GlishAtari HardwareHardware for the Atari computers and some 8-bit and ST chipsF14
GeekenspielStickers, badges, retro PC flair.Stickers and badges geared toward retro PC customization and restoration.F06
inversephase / nocturnalplantChiptunes! Game Music!Chiptunes, Game Music, Tributes, and maybe some other fun stuff. ☺F11/F12
Jay GrahamBlueSCSI Demo and SalesWe will be demonstrating the BlueSCSI devices as well as having some available for sale for the retro computing hobbists. F09/F10
Kyle's Digital LabKyle's Krazy TechI am a young YouTuber that will be showing off and demonstrating some of my retro broadcast video gear collection and vintage laptop collection. I will also be selling some of my video gear.F03
Mike ConnickVintage Apple II, Lisa, & Mac Items for SaleI will be selling Apple II monitors, a Lisa 2, Mac Color Classic, Mac TV, and other miscellaneous vintage items.F13
Old School GamerPromotion of retro gaming and computing magazine plus products related. Promotion of retro gaming and computing magazine plus products related. F07/F08
Pete CooperSelling off my collection part iiiI have many PC compatible and Apple machines and accessories to sell off at reasonable prices.F01/F15
Vintage Computer FederationVintage Computer Federation MuseumFind out about our non-profit museum, festivals, repair workshops and swap meets.F00
Jack NobleMac LC /w Apple IIe CardA fully upgraded Macintosh LC, with an Apple IIe PDS Card, and two external 5.25" floppy drives.FS15
8-Bit Classics8-Bit Classics will be selling various products offered on their website.8-Bit Classics will be selling various products that we sell from our website including AV cables, power adapters, and more. H12
Bonus Life ComputersFully restored Commodore, Atari, Apple, TRS-80 and S-100 SystemsBonus Life Computers restores '70's and '80's computers from all of the major brands to as near new as possible. For most systems, we even provide a warranty! Also selling vintage computer software, books and ephemera.H03/H04/H05
Eco-TronixEco-Tronix We have all kinds of vintage misc. completed computer projects, to parts, etc. H13/H14/H15
Ecotech computer solutionsPC gaming and accessoriesRetro pc gaming and accessoriesH08/H09
Karl and TedKarl and Ted's Excellent MacVenture! (Almost 200 Mac's for sale!)Karl and Ted's Excellent MacVenture! A joining of a ridiculous collection of a ton of various Apple/Mac machines that have been waiting to be adopted to a new home. Also, a fun PowerPoint presentation running on the worst PowerPC Macintosh ever made to showcase how awful it is.H21/H22/H23
MacEffectsMacEffects Creations ExhibitCome see MacEffects newest creations as well as previous projects. H24/H25
RF Computers Macs, commodores and more Displays of Macintosh, Commodore and other micros as well as interesting sales H28
Rick TribblePower PC Macintosh Computers, Atari 8 Bit computers and morePower PC Macintosh Computers, Atari 8 Bit computers, Heathkit education books, Vintage Integrated Circuits books, and moreH10/H11
Sam MijalEverything from IBM to Zenith!Surplus equipment from my collection!H06
Steve HatleApple/Sun/80s machines and MiscA mix of Apple II, Mac, and Unix workstation machines and accessories. Some displays, and lots for sale. H26/H27
Tech DungeonRetro systems, and custom retro productsWe have Atari, Commodore, Tandy and other retro PC's. We also make many custom products and incorporate 3D printing into our products when possible. H01/H02
Wisconsin Computer ClubBest of the Wisconsin Computer ClubA collection of the Wisconsin Computer Club's best exhibits from 2023, featuring our most unusual machines and projects.H07
Will ParnellVintage PC LAN partyVintage miniature LAN party - Quake/UT/other games. In hotel area near Bistro doors.S00
Build-a-BlinkieLearn to Solder!Young and old can learn the basics of soldering by building one of our "Blinkie" kits right here at the show. We have the kits, tools, and techs to ensure total success building a blinkie! In hotel area near Bistro from 9am-6pm on Saturday only.S01