VCF Midwest 18 Auction Preview Page

Most of our donations arrive Saturday morning, so there's a lot more coming!
If you are looking to donate, please get in touch with us before
Noon on Saturday the 9th. Friday is even better!
23-017IBM Printer Format Tape Punch
23-027Commodore 1702 monitor, front cover panel does not latch
23-060Nabu Personal Computer
23-076MacBook 6,1 8Gb RAM 120Gb SSD DVD burner + working battery & charger
23-062Sony PVM-8044Q Monitor
23-012BeOS Pro Edition 5.0 sealed/NEW
23-018Netscape Navigator for Win 95 (sealed box)
23-036Mac G4 Looks in good shape (NOT TESTED)
23-047New never worn Windows XP64Bit T-shirts from MS TOTAL OF 3 - DUTCH - (may be wrinkled)
23-047New never worn Windows XP64Bit T-shirts from MS TOTAL OF 3 - DUTCH - (may be wrinkled)
23-058Apple //+
23-025Atari 800 with power supply
23-041Amiga 1000 working + Amiga 1000 NOT working + keyboard & mouse
23-061Apple //+ (missing badge)
23-065PC Junior plus power supply and monitor
23-044Alienware PC Tower WinXP Home SP3 1Gb RAM 3.4Ghz P4
23-043ADDS Console 520 110 baud - 9600 baud serial terminal - NOT FUNCTIONAL (magic smoke escaped)
23-045The Most Complete Starter Kit Mega 2560 Project (New in box)
23-038Clint / LGR - Pyramid PC in Case
23-057Apple //+ with Videx Keyboard and adapter
23-063BType F IBM keyboard - DUTCH - 2 items
23-068Sun Sparc 5, DDS2 tape external, 64Mb RAM ?, 2 HDD, CD-ROM, GDM 17E10 monitor
23-082Keyboard //c - customizable backlit micro controlled mechanical keyboard for Apple //c
23-042ALR VEISA 386 dx-33 5Mb RAM 512Mb CF HD CD-ROM Win 3.1 + MS-DOS 6.22 SB Compat
23-006Heathkit H-11 Project Lot (Chassis, cards, extra card cage)
23-010Laser 128EX (Apple //c clone) Working, loose spacebar, incl AC and 5.25-inch FDD
23-016Sun Fire T2000 server with rails, missing drive trays
23-020Mac PowerBook Duo 250 + modem, missing power supply
23-030Dell Dimension XPSP133c (should work, but untested)
23-037Apple /// -- "1 character on screen is bad" - otherwise working condition w/manuals and visicalc
23-049HP ThinkJet in carrying case (NO power cable)
23-070Texas Instruments Travelmate 2000 w/floppy drive attached
23-080Mac Performa 6400/180 - notes "works"
23-079Mac Quadra 950 - notes "error bong"
23-026Commodore 1902A monitor in box, no styrofoam, missing front cover panel
23-077Xserve - Model A1279 - no rails - notes "boots to EFI"
23-007Panasonic Sr. Partner
23-055WordPerfect 5.1 (3.5-inch diskettes)
23-0563-D printed superfan vcfmw badge
23-0663D printed Topo collectible
23-002VT100 terminals - SET OF 2 - NOT OPERATIONAL (project)
23-039Commodore 128 plus power supply SIGNED BY Bil Herd
23-067Pair of Gimix mugs
23-014Heathkit H-120-1 Computer
23-003VAXstation 3100 w/DEC license and asset number
23-029Commodore 1080 monitor
23-028Commodore 1702 monitor
23-009NOS box Wabash Maxi-Myte 8-inch disks (soft sector)
23-013OS/2 Warp Connect Version 3
23-015Radiation Detection Kit CD V-777-2
23-046VIC 1525 Graphics Printer (NOT TESTED)
23-033Dell XPS T500 (should work, but untested)
23-051Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Broderbund, IBM PC, complete with almanac)
23-053Sorcerian (Sierra, IBM PC, 3.5-inch disks)
23-032Dell XPS T500 (should work, but untested)
23-022G3 Mac, board looks clean, rusty case (NOT TESTED)
23-008IBM PCjr Compact Printer with non-IBM carrying case
23-063AType F IBM keyboard - DUTCH - 2 items, 1 missing feet
23-064AType M IBM keyboard - DUTCH - 2 items, 1 with very long cable
23-064BType M IBM keyboard - DUTCH - 2 items, 1 with very long cable
23-083Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be a Hero (MS-DOS)
23-071Heathkit Educational Systems CPU trainer - 6811 or 8080? NO CPU card
23-073E&L Instruments "The Fox" Z-80 CPU Trainer
23-081Adapter to convert a CoCo joystick to USB for use with Mac, PC, etc.
23-052F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose, IBM PC, complete with keyboard overlays)
23-069XT-IDE Kit (EEPROM pre-programmed)
23-075MacCalc software and development bundle - includes letters and special software from Richard Ross
23-059Case for Commander X-16 System - surprise serial number
23-040RC2014 Micro+ single board computer kit (?)
23-001Atari Jaguar Skunkboard cartridge
23-035M Flight Force joystick SV-270 - Mac compatible
23-054Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (Sierra, IBM PC)
23-072Micro Master 8085 CPU Trainer
23-019Mac Plus, boots! Plastic has some damage.
23-074Apple //+
23-024IBM 5152 Personal Computer Graphics Printer
23-023LOT of miscellaneous HP cards - NOT TESTED
23-031Radio Shack Telephone tester
23-047New never worn Windows XP64Bit T-shirts from MS TOTAL OF 3 - DUTCH - (may be wrinkled)
23-034iPad model A1219 from 2010 CIB
23-050Microsoft Windows 3.1
23-004IBM OS/2 Playing Card Deck - DUTCH - 3 items
23-011TI-30 calculator with denim-look case and manual. Powers on w/9v batt.
23-021Volks 6480 Commodore Modem (NOT TESTED)
23-048Commodore Branded Thermostat
23-078Tandy 1100 Laptop, for parts, no power supply
All items contributed for the benefit of VCFMW will become property of Chicago Classic Computing, Inc ("CCC").
CCC reserves the right to sell or redistribute as they see fit and no compensation will be provided.
All auction wins must be paid on-site and all sales are final.