[virtual] VCF Midwest 15!
September 12, 2020 All Day Long
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All-day open chat:

  • Freenode IRC channel #vcfmw
  • ClassicCmp Discord channel #vcf

    (channels linked during the show)
    Video links will be posted late Friday
    Master Playlist

    9:45Silent700vVCFMW15 Keynote12
    10:00UniservoA Look At An IBM System 370 Model 14837
    11:00Craig ErnsterHistory and Demonstration of the Super Card Pro and Super Tracker20
    11:30Glenn "Cenbe" HolmerA Java Library for Commodore Disk Images10
    12:00LUNCHTake a break!60
    13:00Jim LeonardCrawlspace Transformation and Tour14
    13:30Bill Degnan and Karen DonekerKennett Classic: Behind the Scenes at the Museum20
    14:00Mowgli AssorThe SPARCserver 1000 Series, Inside and Out30
    14:45Volker HerrmannThe 50th birthday of the PDP-8/E2
    15:00Vintage COMP!Interview with TAMIKO THIEL - Lead Product Designer at Thinking Machines Corporation39
    16:00Robert BurnsRetro CAD Workstations36
    16:45Steven AD-116, an Obscure Clone of an Overlooked Mini10
    17:00Jason ComptonGhost King: Shakespeare Meets Scott Adams Text Adventures26
    17:30Jesus EricA Short History of SWRAP/ECCC/VCFMW and the After Party20