Presentations and Happenings


09:00Show OpensYour VCFMW HostsThe fun starts here
10:00Sellam Ismail25 Years of the Vintage Computer FestivalA talk on the history of the Vintage Computer Festival, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
11:00Storage Tube Displays or: How You Get 4K Resolution in 1974Richard ThomsonIn 1969 Tektronix introduced the Type 611 11-inch storage display unit for $2500. Tektronix subsequently integrated the storage display and serial communication circuitry into a line of graphics terminals, including the Tektronix 4014 terminal capable of 4K addressable points resolution in 1974. In this talk, we'll go over the history of the storage tube display and its impact on computer graphics.
12:00LUNCH HOUR+Try the hotel cafe!
13:30Youtubers' Discussion PanelThe 8-Bit Guy, LGR, Computer Clan, Adrian's Digital Basement, Ben Heck Hacks and 8-Bit Show and TellThe last decade has seen a new venue for exhibiting and exploring vintage computing in the form of YouTube. There are tens of thousands of videos covering vintage computing history, gaming and repair. This panel will host a discussion between the operators of some of the largest such channels!
15:00[Auction Setup Intermission]Your Hard-Working VCFMW Setup TeamAuction starts at 16:00!
16:00The Fabulous VCFMW Auction!Silent700 and FriendsBid, bid, bid!
19:00Dinner BreakLou's sure is goodYou made it through the auction! Go eat.
20:00The Apple Lisa DocumentaryDavid Greelish and Steve (Mac84)After some delays, the Apple Lisa documentary film is almost complete and expected to be finished in time for the show. Meet the Producer/Director & Associate Producer and learn much more about this fascinating computer that kickstarted everything we use today. Whether you use a Windows computer or Mac, an Android phone or iPhone, you are using the legacy of the Apple Lisa, even in 2022. The presentation will include samplings from the film, plus extra interview footage and behind the scenes pictures. A question and answer session will wrap things up.
21:00Collecting Classic Macintosh Computers Is for EVERYONE!Ron McAdams and Steve (Mac84)How to get started in collecting classic Macintosh computers. Mac 128K through Early Intel... broken down by generation... how collectable are they, how valuable are they, what do you need to look out for when making a purchase. Must-do repairs by series.. recapping / battery woes / etc. Using those machines in the modern era... what must-have upgrades are out there... neat things on the horizon... cool resources online for new folks to leverage (Macintosh Garden, popular YT channels, etc)
22:00Demon DebuggerFrank PalazzoloDemon Debugger is a completely open, flexible, hardware/software debugger system, primarily used for repair of vintage computers of all kinds. Over the past 6 years, it has evolved into a powerful and scalable tool and tested on ~10 hardware platforms, and currently supports 3 CPU architectures, with potential for many more. Current hardware exists as a small PCB that plugs into a standard rom socket. However, it can be used with as little hardware as an Arduino Nano and a single transistor! Come see how this tool has been used for repair and reverse-engineering, and how it can help you bring vintage systems back to life.
23:00Inverse Phase"Scope" out some of these Bleep BloopsEver wanted to be able to tell sound chips apart by ear? No? It'll be late at night, so how about we listen to some cool chiptunes together and I tell you what's different about each configuration anyway?


09:00Show OpensYour VCFMW HostsThe fun resumes here
11:00What Does it Take to Start an Indie Computer Museum?Bill DegnanBill Degnan describes how he and his friends started Kennett Classic computer museum to service the local community and foster the hobby to a new population. Bill will review what works and what does not, and what makes Kennett Classic unique.
12:00LUNCH HOUR+Try the hotel cafe, please
13:00The History of Roklan CorporationKen Van MersbergenA presentation about the former Illinois-based software company Roklan. I will talk about its formations, what the company did and ultimately what happened to it. They wrote most of the home software titles for Parker Brothers and also did engineering work for Atari, CBS and Coleco.
14:00Keeping Retro Computing/Gaming Alive with MiSTer FPGAAlan ReeveMiSTer is an FPGA device that allows many different older computers, game consoles and other miscellaneous devices to be recreated with a hardware simulation bringing the feel of using the original hardware back with close to 100% authenticity. I maintain the MiSTer Manual project which is an attempt to go further than just a 'how do I run the games?' approach with these older computers. I would present what MiSTer is, what cores are currently available, and demonstrate how well it works and the benefits of using FPGA technology for Retro Computing.

Last Update: 8/13/2022