Just some of the exhibits you'll see at this year's show:
Clint BasingerLGR ThingsAn exhibit of select computer hardware/software featured on the LGR YouTube channel. Also offering a selection of merchandise for sale too. Case badges, vinyl decals, patches, things of that nature.V3
8-Bit Productions, LLCThe 8-Bit GuyMeet/Greet and sales of Petscii Robots and Planet X3V5
Adrian BlackAdrian's Digital BasementAdrian will be squatting at various tables and lurking the show. Maybe you'll spot him.??
Computer ClanRare Tech, Prototypes, and Internal SoftwareKrazy Ken from the Computer Clan will show off rare and retro computers, including Apple prototypes and internal software.V4
Benjamin HeckendornBen Heck HacksFormer YouTube star Ben Heck is showing up to VCF and will bring cool things to show at his table, as well as giveaways of extra stuff he doesn't need.V2
RR AuctionSpace Hardware and Vintage Computing Auction ExhibitRR Auction will be displaying rare and remarkable space hardware and vintage computer items that will be featured in our upcoming sale.C04/C05
pjustice & thebugThe DEC GigiThe DEC VK100, aka the Gigi (General Imaging Generator and Interpreter), Digital's attempt at a desktop computer/terminal.D16
Chris EllmoreClassic British MicrosClassic British micros from Amstrad, Sinclair and Acorn.B28/B29
Forgotten MachinesRare, Obscure and Unknown Computers and TerminalsThe rare, the obscure, the unknown, all about computers that truly are...Forgotten Machines! We investigate, reverse-engineer, and restore computers and systems that almost nobody else knows about. We also do data-recovery on the oldest of magnetic media to preserve old operating systems and software!D32/D33
Ethan DicksDEC MinicomputerMaybe a PDP-8? Maybe an -11? Come to D and see!D11
John ElsonDEC MinicomputerHoneywell panel from the X-15 on display plus VAX and 16032 boards for saleD12
DDICustom Cartriges for the Commodore 64Commodore 64 Projects On Display By DDI & Vintage Computing SalesB11
Jeff FettaEarly Sinclair ComputersA collection of Clive Sincair's early microcomputers, from the ZX80/81 up to the Spectrum and QL.B27
Danielle HerbertJapanese Micros and PCsCome play games and check out the software of different Japanese computers from the early 80s through the mid 90s. Systems from the big players (NEC, Sharp, Fujitsu) and series (MSX) along with some interesting media formats and MIDI will be showcased.C11/C12
Joshua ConboyWarped! OS/2 and the Information Superhighway Not Traveled. OS/2. A better Dos than Dos and a Better Windows than Windows. OS/2 was supposed to be the next big thing from the giants at IBM and Microsoft. A history of the success and failure of the most hyped Windows killer.B36/B37
The Commodore RoomThe Commodore RoomThe same people that bring you the YouTube channeled favorited by tens of people.B03
Joshua SteinModern Programming on Classic MacsDemonstration of some newly created software projects and programming for the MacintoshD29
Bonus Life Computers8-Bit Computers, Software, Etc. for SaleWe sell a wide selection of computers, peripherals and ephemera from Commodore, Atari, TI, Apple, TRS-80 and other manufacturers. All of our systems have been carefully restored and reconditioned, and most come with a warranty. Take that eBay!H09/H10/H11/H13
Anthony BolanSilicon Graphics WorkstationsA wide range of SGI computers spanning from the late 1980s to the mid 2000s.D24/D25
Wisconsin Computer ClubWisconsin Computer ClubServing and supporting retro tech enthusiasts in Wisconsin and beyond!H21
Mark Gladson128D With Multiple LT kernal Hard DrivesVery upgraded 128D with LT kernal HD and multiplexer (allows multiple 642/128 to access shared hard drive)B10
David WoodJbev's Hardware LabExperiments with Commodore hardwareB12
TexElecShowcasing Our Products (Sales) & The Commander X16!A functioning Commander X16V6
Malcom RameyTRS-80/TandyTRS-80/Tandy computersC08
Scott SwazeyWiFi Retromodem for Hayes Smartmodem Non-destructive replacement PCB turns a Hayes Smartmodem 1200 into a WiFi modem.D03
Sam MijalEverything from Apple to Zenith! A mix of everything! Surplus equipment from my my collection.H20
Steve HatleVintage Apple/Sun/Unix/PCVintage Apple/Sun/Unix/PC SalesH28/H29/H30
RETRO InnovationsRETRO Innovations - Contemporary Gear for Classic MachinesRETRO Innovations - Contemporary Gear for Classic MachinesB01/B02
Jessica PetersenCommodore 8-Bitters and MoreDisplay of various 8-bit machines and a repair station. Likely to display: Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, Plus/4, MiniPET, Ultimate 64, Harlequin 128 (ZX Spectrum)B23/B24
Inversephase and NocturnalplantInversephase & Nocturnalplant Take Over the World with MusicHello! We write chiptunes! Listen to music on your favorite 8-bit micro or game console with us!F01
Will ParnellFormer FreeGeek Chicago Vintage stuffOlder equipment rescued from FreeGeek Chicago during its closure. Primarily old PC systems and parts, some Mac stuff, some newer pieces of interest as well.H31/H32/H33
FujiNet Devs & UsersFujiNet Development and Cross-Platform UsageFujiNet started as a virtual online tool for Atari 8bits, but is growing! Coleco Adam, Apple ][ family, Atari Lynx and 8bits demos on site!B07/B08
Evan WrightLantern Adventure GamesCross platform adventure game IDEB25
Jesus EricCBM SX-64 ULTIMAXYou've heard of the Commodore MAX, C64 Mini, C64 Maxi and Ultimate 64. Now we bring you the CBM SX-64 ULTIMAX: The Ultimate Portable Executive Computer.B26
CoCoManTandy Radio Shack Color Computer AccessoriesWith items from the Tandy Color Computer on display and accessories for sale. Also video cables for the coco andother systems as well.C13/C14
Kyle TimmermanJapanese Home ComputersJapanese home computers of the 1980s. I will have my Sharp X68000 XVI in attendance (now with MIDI!), and it will be accompanied by a new addition to the family, a NEC PC-8801mkII FR.B21
GenericableBehind the ScreensEver wondered what powers The Weather Channel? How about Prevue Guide? We're showcasing the weather stars that powered the local forecast in your area from the 1980s until today, ranging from custom machines to pentium PCs. We'll also be showing the secret Amiga in your cable headend that ran the scrolling Prevue Guide!D13/D14/D15
Mark CanonAndrobot & Axlon Robots / Magnavox Odyssey 50th Anniversary DisplayA Display of Androbot & Axlon Robots, Topo 1 & Topo 2, along with various others. And a display paying homage to 50 years of videogames & the 50th anniversary of the Magnavox Odyssey.C02/C03
joe_zThe Phone Company and More (Alternatively ShadyTel MW)Phone and datacom equipment, plus misc/limited sales as space allows.D37
John SennesaelEclectic Electric RandomnessNuclear keyboard, honeywell/wyse terms, I'll also bring the decstation board and maybe work on trying to bring it to life at the show. If there's any place I may run into someone with random decstation parts, it'd be vcfmw! - may bring an sgi personal iris, maybe (i think i'll leave most of my sun and sgi stuff at home for space-saving reasons, especially if i'm going to need room to debug a board)D21/D22
Ron’s Computer VideosMicros For SaleMacintosh, PC, 8-Bit Micros for SaleH25
Eric CanalesVideo Games SystemsThis year I'll be showing some interesting video game systems, , Fairchild Channel F, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, available for anybody to play.C15/C16
William DonzelliUniservo's Surplus ShoppeLots and lots of stuff you'll want to take homeD34/D35
Jason PerkinsDial 1 for ITExperience answering machines from 1963 to 2010, and a Comdial FXII PBX with Interchange VPS. Explore the phone tree! Call in at 313-536-0085.D38/D39
Frank Palazzolo & Evan AllenDemon Debugger, w/demos on target hardwareDemon Debugger - an fully open, flexible, monitor/debugger system - to help repair or reverse-engineer vintage systems. We will be demoing this on different target hardware.C01
Sloopy MalibuDriveWirelesslySales and Demo of the IntDriveWire and DriveWirelessly boards for the Tandy Color ComputerC17
CoCoByteCoCo history and hardware upgradesCome by and try all CoCo models released since 1981 including past and current modern hardware upgrades !C10
Jim O'Keefe A little bit of everythingSome Tandy, Apple, TI99, S100C09
Avery GradeMaximum IIGSThis year I go small with one computer, but it packs a big punch!D28
Commodore ZWhat's Happening at Z LabsPlan A: Nova 1200 with a new power supply. Plan B: VICs that are not 20D31
nevets01Nova DerivativesD-116 and/or Nova III, with an ASR-33D30
Conmega Sark & MouseConnor/Sark/Mouse TableTable for general hackeryD08
Richard ThomsonStuff From the HoardExhibiting a small slice of stuff from the Computer Graphics Museum collectionD10
John OrwinLisp MachinesSymbolics Lisp on 3 platforms - Sun, Dec Alpha and LinuxD19/D20
Old School GamerHanding out free magazines and looking for new writers.Old School Gamer is dedicated to the gamer who enjoys everything from Arcade Game collecting – refurbishing – playing to the home console and computer gamer reliving his childhood from the 70s, 80s and 90s and passing it onto the next generation.F06
MarvinVariety of older computers, software, and booksSelection of Commodore, TRS-80, HP, S-100, early computer parts, books, magazines, and software.H14/H15
ECCC CrewClassic Commodore 8-bitsCommodore 64, VIC-20, other 8-bits as feasible.B14/B15
VAX11Selling Computer Reset rescues I'll be selling stuff from Computer Reset which has been sorted and repaired. I'll also have a dial in VAX on the VCF phone system.D09
Eco-Tronix / White River Resale Miscellaneous vintage computing items, We will be selling numerous vintage computing items from the 80's and 90's. A very large mix of brands and items.H16/H17/H18/H19
Ken Van MersbergenColeco ADAM and the TI-99 4/AI will be showing the Coleco ADAM and the TI-99 4/A computers. I will also have a few items for saleB33/B34/B35
Matt ReichertExidy Sorcerer & VideoBrain ComputersThe Exidy Sorcerer (1978) and Umtech VideoBrain (1977) are two rare yet interesting early computers that I will have on display for people to explore.B20
GeekenspielRetro PC Flair - Badges - StickersGeekenspiel - Providing vintage-style computer badges, stickers and retro PC flair for your 80s, 90s and modern desktop computers!F05
MacEffectsMacEffects Projects & Apple Lisa 1Show casing all of MacEffects current projects such as clear cases, keyboards, and upgrade cards. Also, showing an Apple Lisa 1 (offered for sale)H26/H27
Alastair HewittSolid-state MachinesIntroducing the Novasaur and Novatron TTL computer kits. These full featured home computers are built from just TTL logic chips and require no CPU to run games and even CP/M.D04
Jack RubinOld stuff Make my old stuff your new stuffD01/D02
Jim HappelC64 40th Birthday PartyCelebrating the 40th birthday of the Commodore 64!B18/B19
Ecotech computer solutionsSalesHardware/software salesH05/H06/H07/H08
Suburban Chicago ATariansAtari Home ComputersAtari Home Computers and peripheralsB04/B05/B06
Dave's Retro Video LabDave's Retro Video Lab from YoutubeDave's Retro Video Lab will feature old school cool vintage consumer video gear from the 80s and 90s.F04
Ted N / KC9LKE6809 Gimix Ghost OS-9 Level 1 & 26809 OS-9 Level 2 Multiuser Multitasking System with Basic09, Dynacalc, Stylograph. Also vintage processor kits display.D26/D27
Mike KatzMinicomputers and Electronics and Other Fun StuffElectronic and other fun stuff to get out of my basement so that I can get new 'old' stuff to put in my basement.D17/D18
The Tech DungeonCommodore and Atari items for saleWill be selling Commodore 64, 1541 disk drives, Atari 8-bit products, Atari ST systems and software. Atari 7800 and Jaguar games, Jaguar skunkboards and flashcart. Plus moreH01
Kevin OttumNu-Brick Power Supplies/Misc CommodoreNu-Brick Power Supplies, Video Cables & Misc Commodore SalesB13
Andy GeppertCore Memory Interactive - Core64Hands-on electronic kit to WEAVE YOUR OWN CORE MEMORY and create fun applications to interact with using the included magnetic stylus!D36
Jeff’s Vintage ElectronicsVintage Computer SalesS-100 boards, early IBM PC boards, Apple II cards, monitors, vintage ICs among other vintage items.H22/H23/H24
System SourceSGi 40 Years of Graphical ComputingA selection of significant SGI machines demonstrating their graphical capabilitiesC21/C22/C23/C24
Chris and Gavin TersteegA 'Dazzling' Altair and FriendsEarly home computing (Altair, Heathkit) and custom PCB projects.C06/C07
Randy KindigFloppy Days Podcast - Vintage Computer and Show DisplayExhibit showcasing both the Floppy Days Podcast and some of the computers covered on the show.B16/B17
Rick TribbleNorthStar HorizonVintage computers and video gamesC26/C27
RF ComputersRare Microcomputers and SalesDisplaying rare and uncommon microcomputers such as the Sony SMC-70, Sharp PC-5000 and Kaypro 10 as well as sales of some more well known 386 and 486 Machines.S01/S02
Joe MarlinIt's Just A PC: NES as an 8-Bit MicroAdding software and peripherals to an NES until it's just a regular 8-bit micro (ignoring the fact that Family BASIC was already a product...) Based on a currently ongoing silly zero-production-value streaming seriesB32
Daniel J PayneRetro PC systems and peripheralsRetro PC systems and peripheralsF02/F03
BorgmacMacintosh 68k and G4 with modern technologyExamples of 68k and PowerMac G4 with modern drive technology. Networking the old and the new world.B31
Dave RunkleMicro Computers of 1975-1979The Early home computers Altair 8800, COSMAC Elf and Heathkit H8D05

Last Update: 8/16/2022