Here are just a few of the items to be featured in this year's Fabulous VCFMW Auction:
000All items contributed for the benefit of VCFMW will become
001property of the organizer. Organizer reserves the right to sell or
002redistribute as they see fit and no compensation will be provided.
003All auction wins must be paid on-site and all sales are final
22-001Thinkpad T61 2GB/150GB Vista dead batt port rep s/n L3-H4098
22-002Dell Latitude C640 P4-M 2.4ghz 512mb/30gb WinXP
22-003Tektronix 453A oscope - working w/ 3 probes
22-004TI 58 with PC-100C, fixed by Ben H in vid
22-005Tandy 1000TX, bad hdd, 640K 286, posts, tries floppy, some rust
22-006Greenbar paper, 2600 sheets, 14.5x11, 60lb box
22-007Greenbar paper, 2600 sheets, 14.5x11, 60lb box #2
22-008iMac box - fair condition, broken foam, CD pack, faceplate, cable
22-009Color Stylewriter 2400 used in box with foam
22-0102x Smashed iMac blue/white
22-011Dell Inspiron 1525 1GB/no hdd/PSU
22-012Computer Engineering for Babies' book
22-014Razer Forge flashed with LineageOS 16
22-015JIP-02 Japanese PC parallel port card
22-016Gateway Nomad 425 DXL laptop, no PSU
22-019Dell PC 9JCTX91 P4HT unknown spec no HDD
22-020HP Pavilion 7915 PC Celeron unknown spec restore CDs
22-021Bare XT clone chassis, unused
22-022Heathkit EUW-19A Op-Amp system
22-023Performa 636CD untested
22-024Power Mac 7200/120
22-025Macintosh Performa 640CD plus PC hardware card
22-026Zenith Laptop ZFL-181-92 plus memory card (NO PSU)
22-027Novell DOS 2.11 through 5, with disks and licenses
22-028MacEffects //e replacement keyboard - black frame, clear keys
22-029OS/2 Playing Cards #1
22-030OS/2 Playing Cards #2
22-031AMD K6-2 PC w/3D Now!
22-032Executone Wyse-?? compatible terminal with burn in!
22-033Sun Type 5C Ball Mouse NIB w/Ultra Mousepad
22-034Dell Latitude 4000 w/DVD + floppy
22-035Oscar PDP 11/70 Prototype
22-036Old ThinkPad (Model 2625) plus power adapter
22-037Clear Case for Apple //e or //gs upgrade computers
22-038Apple G3 Tower
22-039Apple G4 Tower
22-0407 Black Apple shirts - all 2XL?
22-041HP Folio 1020 G1 - 8Gb RAM/1.2Ghz M-5Y71/2560 x 1440 QHD
22-042Toshiba Tecra 500CS - unknown condition w/network card
22-043Elenco 40Mhz Oscilloscope S-1340 #1
22-044Elenco 40Mhz Oscilloscope S-1340 #2
22-045Dell P2 266Mhz 64M RAM NO HDD
22-046Elenco 40Mhz Oscilloscope S-1340 #3
22-047Amiga 2000 base unit (NO CARDS) plus keyboard
22-048Dell P2 333Mhz 384M RAM NO HDD BAD AGP video card
22-049Dell P2 333Mhz 128M RAM
22-050Wyse 150 w/keyboard - UNRELIABLE AT >9600
22-051Wyse 60 w/keyboard - needs slapped sometimes (loose joint)
22-052Feedback Electronic Wattmeter EW604 #1
22-053Feedback Electronic Wattmeter EW604 #2
22-054Wavetek Model 184 5Mhz sweep generator
22-055Emco DC Power Supply PSV-5 (up to 30V?)
22-056Audrey & WebTV Combo
22-057FujiNet Developer Kit for Apple //
22-058Imsai Front Panel Kit
22-059NeXT Cube Documentation Set (Complete)
22-060Epson Short-Throw Projector Lot (1 working, 1 parts)
22-061Attack of the PETSCII Robots LP - #1
22-062Attack of the PETSCII Robots LP - #2
22-063PowerMac G5 1.8Ghz Single CPU Tower
22-064Coloring Book of Retro Computers - SIGNED by both
22-066Heathkit IM-17 Tested & Calibrated
22-067Apple PowerBook 2,1
22-068Apple PowerBook 4,1 - #1
22-069Apple PowerBook 4,1 - #2
22-070Apple PowerBook 4,1 - #3
22-071Apple PowerBook 4,1 - #4
22-072Apple MacBook 6,1
22-073Apple PowerBook 180 - Nice unit, works
22-074Apple G4 Tower - Bad speaker bad video ?
22-075Commodore C-64 complete with disk and monitor
22-076NeXT Cube - somewhat icky
22-077Apple G4 Tower - with SCSI card
22-078Apple G5 Tower - 1.8Ghz Dual
22-079Digital Voltmeter Series LX-2
22-080Heathkit single trace oscilloscope model 10-4530
22-081Old Video Camera
22-082Apple G4 Tower - bits and pieces included
22-085Attack of the PETSCII Robots Record #3
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