Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 16
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09:00Show OpensYour VCFMW HostsThe fun starts here
11:00How the 8-Bit Demoscene WorksDavid MurrayPull back the curtain and see how the magic tricks are performed. David will explain in layman's terms how these demos work using the Commodore 64 as the primary example system.
12:00LUNCH HOUR+The Bistro Cafe and Many Fine Local EateriesBe back by 13:30!
13:30Vintage Computer YouTubers Discussion Panel8-Bit Guy, LGR, and Ken from Computer ClanA 90-minute discussion panel with some of the most recognizable vintage technology YouTubers. Confirmed to participate are LGR, The 8-Bit Guy and Computer Clan. Half the panel is dedicated to questions from the audience, so if you've ever wanted the inside scoop on making vintage tech successful on YouTube, here's your chance.
15:00[Auction Setup Intermission]Your Hard-Working VCFMW Setup TeamAuction starts at 16:00!
16:00The Fabulous VCFMW Auction!Silent700 and FriendsBid, bid, bid!
19:00Dinner BreakLou's sure is goodYou made it through the auction! Go eat.


09:00Show OpensYour VCFMW HostsThe fun resumes here
11:00TeleVideo Rises Again: Recreating a lost machine Pat FinneganAfter years of no success in finding a whole machine, in early 2020 a bare PCB came up on eBay that appeared to be for TeleVideo's first networked diskless Z80 system, the TS-80. This talk will detail the process of going from a blank PCB with design errors and no schematics or instructions to recreating the system from the PCB up through boot code to run TeleVideo's CP/M-based networking environment, MmmOST.
12:00LUNCH HOUR+Try the hotel cafe, please

All times are subject to change

Speaker Bios

David MurrayDavid Murray, age 46, has worked at numerous noteworthy companies in the past, including Mouser Electronics, AST Computer, AT&T, among others. Now he runs a full-time YouTube show about vintage computers.
Pat FinneganAs well as being the founder of VCF Midwest, Patrick Finnegan is the Data Center Architect for Purdue University's Research Computing. He has many years of experience in tinkering with electronics and classic computers.

Last update: 08/25/2021
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