Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 16

Here's a list of just some of the display and vendor tables booked for VCF Midwest 16:

LGRLazy Game ReviewsAn exhibit of select IBM PC-compatible hardware/software featured on the LGR YouTube channel, plus LGR merch!
David MurrayThe 8-Bit GuyCommander X/16 Prototype and PETSCII Robots
Ken DoeComputer ClanA collection of rare and retro computers
The System Source Computer MuseumIBM Midrange Through the YearsIBM Midrange computers including the System/32, /34 and /36 and the AS/400.
Andy GeppertCore64 - Interactive Core Memory KitA core memory cartridge for the C64. Really!
MacEffectsMacEffects Projects New and OldMacEffects projects from clear cases for systems such as the Apple IIe and Macintosh SE to hardware upgrades.
Patrick Finnegan (vax11)Televideo and MoreA pile of TeleVideo CP/M based computers running a client/server OS, a large VAX to soak up some extra electrons, and a few terminals with modems to dial-up other computers on the VCF phone network.
AJ PalmgrenForgotten MachinesRare and uncommon computers from 1970-1989 and a demonstration of restoration and data recovery techniques for said machines, including: Entrex 480 (DCC-D-116), Convergent Technology weirdness (MiniFrame, MightyFrame, AWS), Universal QIC Cartridge reading/recovery (1973-1989), and other items far weirder and stranger.
Brendan BeckerInverse Phase/Nocturnal PlantPlaying and selling chiptunes, rocking out on the synthesizer
Jim BrainRetro InnovationsProjects and Products for the Commodore, Tandy, TI, and Atari
Steve Hatle8-bit/UNIX/MacMixed exhibition and sales
Jason ReighardTandy Color ComputerMixed exhibition and sales
Dennis BoonePr1me!Emulated Prime minicomputer and real terminals
Joseph MarlinVMS and DEC Windows on a MicroVAX 3800Desktop VAX machine and DEC terminals
Chris EllmoreBritish Micro ComputersSinclair 128K "toast rack", Sinclair 128K 2A, Sinclair 128K 2B and an Acorn Electron
Jack RubinOld Guy, Old StuffPDP-8 and Other Minicomputer Fun
David 'jbevren' WoodRandom Shenanigans With Commodore HardwareShenanigans will be performed with C64 hardware including timing captures, co-demonstration of older logic analysis systems, and oscilloscopes to show the real inner workings of a C64.
Glenn HolmerUltimate Networking with GEOSA network driver for the Commodore 64 Ultimate devices, demonstrated with a rewrite of geoGopher.
Mark MatlockDEC PDP-11The venerable Digital minicomputer
Malcom RameyTRS-80 and TandyRadio Shack's finest micros
Jeff FettaPre-Spectrum Sinclair Computers ZX-81, TS-1000, TS-2068 (Color), QL, and MTX
William DonzelliItems Diverse and UnusualBig lots to pick through from Vintage Toober
Mike LoewenHP 21MX MinicomputersHP 2108A running paper tape BASIC from a 2748B paper tape reader, with a 2645A terminal. A 2113E will be running the RTE-6/VM operating system from a 7958B disc drive, with several terminals available for login.
Jim HappelA Preview of the Upcoming Stupid Pet Tricks ModuleJoysticks, sound, and WiFi to your PET! Also a C64 running an updated IRC chat for Zimodems, Magic Voice carts and the recently unearthed Magic Desk 1+.
Brian SugarmanMacnicianFull of insanely great vintage Apple technologies on display and for sale.
David HaynesCopy Protection - Kryoflux and ZoomFloppyDisk imaging and preservation with the Commodore 128D, 1902A and 1571
Alex YountsGenerations of Apple UNIXThe Many Variants of Unix from Apple
Bohus BlahutThe Video WallIt's a wall, made of video. That's all we know.
Jason ComptonThe Commodore CrewECCC founder and his loyal following
HooloovooHacking on HardwareVAX, calculators, old phones
Joe ZatarskiShadyTel CO and DatacenterThe nexus of computing and telephony (ask him for an analog line)
Chris and Gavin TersteegDEC, Heathkit, and various PCB projectsPDP-11, PDP-8 (SBC6120), H8, and lots of PCB's to build
Jim O'KeefeTandy/Color ComputerPart of the Mini-CoCofest at VCFMW
Ken Van MersbergenColeco ADAMThe infamous Coleco desktop, plus items for sale
Avery GradeMaxed-out Apple //GS and Commodore 64Plus telephony, too!
Mark CanonStrange and Rare MicrosAtari Topo Androbot, Philips N60 Videopac, Bit 90 Colecovision compatible, along with used computer and early console games and software for sale
Eric "Jesus" KudzinStooge-O-MaticA socially-distant demo
Joshua ConvoyPowerPC Macs and CommodoreMicros-a-plenty
Evan C WrightLantern Multiplatform Text-adventure IDEText adventure authoring tool demo on Kaypro and Apple //
David FIsher (Hellion_1)Arcade Cabs and C64How many coin-ops can we run before we blow a breaker?
Kyle TimmermanSharp X68000 XVI + "Collection Clearout"Exotic X68000 System and classiccmp sales
SCATAtari 8-Bit ComputersChicago's oldest Atari user group
EcoTek ComputersPC hardware, Software & Accessories for SaleDesktops, laptops and software 15 years old and older
DrakwareUSB adapters and other devices for vintage keyboards and systemsYou need these to use your old keyboards
Eco-Tronix RecyclingVintage Computers and AccessoriesBIG tables of all kinds of old electronics for sale
Richard ThomsonTerminals on ParadeThe Terminal Master visits us once again
Kevin Ottum, Jeremiah Keller and Jim PetersNu-Brick PSUs for Commodore and AmigaThe best way to run and protect your old Commodore
Garrett MeiersBit HistoryLots of classic computers for sale
Ted Niepodziany6809 GIMIX Ghost OS9 Level 26809 GIMIX Ghost running OS9 Level 2, multiuser & multitasking and virtual memory of 1MB
Randall KindigComputers of the UKBBC Micro, ZX Spectrum, TS1000, Amstrad CPC and others
Woody LaPaigeODB64A project that attempts to interface a C64 with the OBD2 port on a vehicle to read diagnostic codes and live data
John OrwinLisp MachinesSymbolics Open Genera on DEC AlphaStation and Open Genera running on Linux (Alpha Emulation)
Frank PalazzoloS-100 Bus machines and Demon Debugger 2021Poly-88 Chassis with homebrew system for repairing 8/16 bit machines.
Steven AndreasBig Mini, Small MicroA 3-monitor/8-floppy PC-XT, D-116 Nova clone, and misc sales
Steve MahoneyEverything MicroCommodore and Apple hardware and software for sale
Ethan Dicks6502: The First Five YearsCommodore and before
Paul WilgaCommodore/Mac/AtariGaming, sales and music!
Lige HensleyThe Commodore RoomCommodore micros and other hardware for sale
Eli GoldbergVintage Computers Rule!Blue Clamshell Mac, Mac 512, Coco 2, iMac G4, Powermac G3, and Commodore 64
Eric CanalesTandy Color ComputerShowing off Tandy's color micro
Benjamin ArmstrongVintage Electronic FindsAll kinds of old electronics for sale
Riley JudelsonThe Flavors of iBookApple laptops on display, plus various micros and workstations for sale
John SennesaelUnix systemsSGI, Sun, vintage Macs and a nuclear missile silo keyboard! And sales, too!
DDI ProjectsDDI Projects for C64 & JAMMACustom projects for the C64 and other platforms
Dan WernerVIC-2020, a Commodore VIC-20 CloneProject demo and PCBs for sale
Bonus Life ComputersBonus Life!Fully restored Atari, Commodore, Amiga, Apple and other micros
Connor KrukoskyThe Conmega, Sark and Mouse ShowNeXT Cubes and general hackery
Richard LorbieskiThe CoCo StationRadio Shack Color Computer repair and sales
Sam MijalIBM to Apple, and Everything In-between!Display and sales of vintage micros
Freegeek ChicagoFreegeekInformation about Freegeek's services plus a few things for sale

Last update: 08/26/2021
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