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VINTAGE COMPUTER FESTIVAL MIDWEST 10 August 29-30, 2015, Elk Grove Village, IL

Past Events



The following are just some of the exhibits that will be on display at VCF Midwest 10:

  • Leif Bloomquist/Schema Factor: New mad science for the Commodore 64! Virtual Input Devices! Wi-Fi capabilities! (Also a presentation!)

  • Dennis Boone: Vintage Programmer Tools - slide rules, rulers with spacing or language-specific column requirements, manual card or tape punches, etc.

  • John Mark Mobley/Glenside Computer Club: Tandy Color Computer 3 (CoCo 3,) A Tandy Pocket Computer 3 (PC-3)

  • Mark Gladson: PET MicroSD, 6502 RAM/ROM board, C64 Reloaded and a Secret VIC-20 project

  • Chris537 Swafford: Various Game Setups on six Commodores: various C64, Amiga, Vic20, 128D

  • Craig Ernster: A History of Commodore copy protection, featuring almost every copy utility made for the platform (also a presentation)

  • Justin Scott: Early 6800 Micros and Trainers

  • Suburban Chicago ATarians: A full line of Atari 8-bit computers and accessories

  • Jim Leonard/Trixter: A Running Demonstration of 8088 MPH, the award-winning demo for the unexpanded IBM PC (also a presentation)

  • Jack Rubin: New Tools For Old Toys, various new hardware and software tools that make working with a PDP8 easier than you might think (also a presentation)

  • DDI: Commodore 64 cartridge creations (exhibit and vending)

  • Leviathan Enterprises: Computer & Electronics Salvage & Sales (vending)

  • Jim Peters: Misc. Commodore Items, QuadPort+, uIEC-SD cartridge (exhibit and vending)

  • Nick Allen: Home-Brews & Reproductions, featuring COSMAC, S-100, and Motorola 6800 computers, reproductions of an Apple 1, Mark-8 Minicomputer, and a SCELBI 8H

  • Evan Wright: Timex Sinclair 1000 and 1500 and the Commodore Vic-20

  • Jim Brain: the latest in Commodore gadgetry (also a presentation)

  • Glenn Holmer: Introduction to GEOS Programming (also a presentation)

  • Daniel Kovacs: Commodore 64 and 128 on the internet, via a Raspberry Pi-powered wifi bridge. Various online applications will be running, telnet, IRC, Kipperterm 128

  • David Haynes: Archiving in 2015; page scanners, ZoomFloppy/1571, Kryoflux and Supercard for archiving floppy disks.

  • Andy Maher: A history of items made by Commodore over the years and many, many Commodore calculators

  • Peter Nowaczynski: exhibit and sales of Apple II, TRS-80 and other vintage computer hardware (exhibit and vending)

  • Jeff Gregory: Silver label C64, 4k Coco 1, IBM PS/2E, VIC-20 (exhibit and vending)

  • Peter Bartlett and Malcom Ramey: The MISE expander for the TRS-80 Model 1

  • Michael Lee: Exhibit of an assortment of classic computers with modern day add-ons, expansions or reproductions

  • Oscar Vermeulen: The PiDP-8/I and KIM Uno, simple, open-source-hardware replicas of the PDP-8/I and KIM-1 computers. Available to play with is spacewar, the first videogame, and various PDP-8 operating systems. There will also be a Chess Dinosaur Deatchmatch: Checkmo-II (PDP-8) versus Microchess (KIM-1,) to determine whether you really need 4K words of memory to make a chess game or whether 924 bytes is actually enough.

  • Corsham Technologies: SS-50 (SWTPC) and KIM-1 Accessories (exhibit and vending)

  • Jay West: HP 2000/Access system running Timeshared BASIC

  • Joe Palumbo/JP Products by Mail: A great selection of Commodore books, magazines and software for sale (vending)

  • Randy Kindig: Kill a Happy Face! Midi-Maze on the Atari 8-bits, two Atari 8-bit computers networked through midi cables playing a maze game

  • Lee Hart and Josh Bensadon of Cosmac Elf, showcasing projects with the RCA 1802 CPU (exhibit and vending)

  • Chris Adams/ChiBots: K-9, a Vic-20 controlled robot dog

  • Julian Wolfe: A classic computer-controlled model train!